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National Native American Heritage Month

The Native American Association of Germany e.V. supports the
National Native American Heritage Month

Every year our association receives e-mails and phone calls from different U.S. Military installations looking for Native American guest speakers, dancers, singers, musicians and educators to do presentations in the context of the National Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month. According to our motto "Building Bridges - Connecting People" we do our best to support the activities in the context of the Heritage Month by providing contacts.


National Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month 2015

Observance in Miesau, Germany


The cake







National Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month 2014

Observance at the KCAC in Kaiserslautern, 21 November 2014

The NAAoG e.V. supported the observance at the Kaiserslautern Community Activity Center by setting up a display. Here are some photo impressions.






Inside the KCAC in Kaiserslautern, Germany


Guest Speaker Lt. Col. Patricia K. Wright


Carmen Kwasny, Chairwoman, NAAoG e.V.



 National Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month 2012

"Serving our People - Serving our Nations - Native Visions for Future Generations"

Observance at the KCAC in Kaiserslautern, 15 November 2012

The NAAoG e.V. supported the observance at the Kaiserslautern Community Activity Center by connecting people and setting up a display. The Kaiserslautern EO Working Group created a very interesting and diverse program. It was a good mixture of information (Power Point presentation followed by a quiz), Native American flute music and dance presentations. There was the opportunity to try different samplers of Native American food afterwards. As dessert they presented this beautiful cake that just looked too good to be cut into pieces.


Laura Powelson (Comanche), Beth Eiring (Lakota) and Zintkala Eiring (Lakota)



The display


Laura and Zintkala presented the jingle dress dance


The cake



Bill Pagaran at the U.S. Army Garrison in Wiesbaden, 13 November 2012

Bill Pagaran, the drummer of the band Broken Walls did an amazing presentation at the American Middle School.





The display we set up at the school


The students enjoyed Bill's presentation a lot

Here is the link to the photo gallery of the USAG Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office. The photos in that gallery were taken by Karl Weisel.

Album - Native American Heritage Month 2012 - USAG Wiesbaden PAO


National Native American and Heritage Month 2010

Building Bridges - Connecting People - November Tour 2010

Every year in November, the US Military installations here in Germany celebrate the National Native American Heritage Month. And every year, the NAAoG receives e-mails and phone calls, because it is not always easy to find Native American guest speakers, artists, dancers, and singers who are already in Germany and have time to travel to the different Military installations in order to represent their cultures. And after all these years, I  have to make a comment: It seems to be the same way as with quite a lot of Germans, who suddenly realize – usually by Dec 22 - that there is a celebration coming up that is called Christmas. Even if it takes place at the same date every year, its approach will take some by utter surprise.

As far as the Native American Heritage Month is concerned, we often receive e-mails and phone calls asking for support and contacts in October. This makes organization very difficult. If we receive request for assistance ahead of time, we will be able to make contacts, see who is in Germany already or who will come to Germany during that time. We even can organize a whole tour with Native Americans from the United States or Canada, provided we can start early. In the year 2010 we were lucky, because two dancers from the Shuswap nation from Canada were in Europe already, but it was more or less by accident that everybody was brought together.

Short time after having received several requests from the US-Military looking for Native American dancers, singers, artists or guest speakers, I received an e-mail informing me about an event taking place in Austria and that two Powwow dancers from the Shuswap nation from Canada were coming to Europe. I immediately asked for more information and a point of contact. Short time later I talked to Mr. Krapfenbauer from Austria and explained to him that we had been looking for Native American dancers for the National Native American Heritage Month. Fortunately, they were still available for a few appointments. After we found that out, everything had to be done in almost no time at all, and I am proud to be able to say it all worked out just fine due to the fact that we all worked together as a team – people from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Canada and the United States of America. Everybody worked hand in hand.

The group visited four different Military installations in five days and drove 1,988 miles. Unfortunately, they had to travel so much that they only got to see the inside of the Military installations. Therefore we were very happy they had some spare time in Belgium. The Military installation there organized a sight seeing tour for the guests from Canada in Brussels.

sight seeing in Brussels     Rodney and Sweetwater in Brussels     Time to look around

Sight seeing in Brussels


Rodney Meldrum and Sweetwater L. Peters in Brussels


Finally they had some time to look around.

I met the group the following day in Mannheim and finally got to see their program. It was excellent. Mr. Krapfenbauer was the MC and Rodney Meldrum and Sweetwater L. Peters were taking turns dancing. In between they changed dance regalia and so were able to present different dance categories: men’s traditional, women’s fancy shawl, grass, and jingle dress dance. I enjoyed the presentation very much, and also the good food - various samples of Native American cuisine. Some of it was new to me, like e.g. the porcupine dumplings (but don't worry, it's not roadkill, they are made from wild rice and beef). But the best was a stew with hominy. I love hominy, but didn’t have it for a long time.

Rodney and Sweetwater in Mannheim


Men's traditional


Women's fancy shawl

Rodney Meldrum and Sweetwater L. Peters in Mannheim


Men's traditional dance


Women's fancy shawl dance

The next day, I had to get up early in the morning, because I had promised to set up a display of Native American artwork for the festivities organized at Baumholder military premises. I took some paintings and sculptures, some dance shawls, and various exhibition items that were lent to us by courtesy of a private collector.

Again the dancers' presentation was wonderful and that day, there was time for a social dance with the children. They really got into it. It was good to see all these young ones dancing. Afterwards the organizers served cake for everybody which I enjoyed a lot, because we cannot buy this particular frosting in German stores. If anybody knows where to get it, please, let me know.

Rodney and Sweetwater in Baumholder    



Information board

Rodney Meldrum and Sweetwater L. Peters in Baumholder. You can see the display in the front.




The organizers in Baumholder set up an information board.

After packing everything up, we went to have lunch. It was a buffet including a roasted turkey. I enjoyed that as much as the cake. We finally had some time to talk. Unfortunately, Rodney Meldrum, Sweetwater L. Peters and Mr. Krapfenbauer had to leave again right after lunch, because they had another five hours' drive ahead of them to do another presentation in Grafenwoehr. They returned to Austria after that performance.

I was only able to participate in the events organized at Mannheim and Baumholder, and was very much impressed by the excellent way both these events were set up. When I talked to Mr. Krapfenbauer on the phone after the tour was over, he told me that they enjoyed  the tour a lot,  especially the sight seeing tour in Brussels. Thanks to everybody involved with these events at Brussels, Mannheim, Baumholder and Grafenwoehr.

It was good to be able to organize a tour in the context of National Native American Heritage Month. Especially because our association originally developed from a group of people who had met on US-Military installations to hold powwows.

You will find two videos on our YouTube channel "NAAoGeV".

 Carmen Kwasny


Tour November 2007

In order to support the Native Americans, who are stationed here in Germany during the federally recognized National American Indian Heritage Month we invited four Native American dancers and singers from the United States and Canada and organized a whole tour. All performances took place on Military installations. We went to Ramstein, Landstuhl, Stuttgart, Bitburg, Heidelberg, Bamberg and Kaiserslautern.



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